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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What's the Point?

Since I have started my blog, many people of asked me why. What's the point? They present valid questions and so I will do my best to explain the benefits that I see from blogging.

First of all, I have found that writing down my learning experiences has been very valuable to my personal progression. I love to learn. As an entrepreneur, most of each of my day is spent learning. I learn from books, articles, partners, professionals, and other blogs. When I take the time to review the lessons learned and articulate them well enough to write them down, it forces me to concentrate on one topic and at least try to say something that will be intelligible and meaningful to others.

It is fun. There are so many unique people out there that are blogging about their experiences. What are they learning? What challenges are they going through? What is happening in the industry? How can I apply this to what I am working on?

It provides opportunities to meet new people. While it hasn't happened to me (yet), blogging opens up doors to meet other like-minded individuals. When you enjoy, agree or disagree with a post, leave a comment and explain why...it provides interesting opportunities to think outside the box and get to know others.

What are other benefits of blogging? Do you have a favorite blog or your own blog? If you do, leave a link so that I can check it out.


  • Blogging puts the power of the press in the hands of everyone with an internet connection. For centuries, the power to communicate ideas to the masses was only held by a select few. The internet, and blogging in particuar, put an end to that. For a great example of blogging keeping the media powers in check, read this entry from Mark Cuban's blog: http://www.blogmaverick.com/entry/1234000477055301/

    By Blogger Jeff, at 9:33 AM  

  • Brock,

    Hey pal. You are a stud. Good to see your blog. You have great comments here - things many entrepreneurs never learn. It's been a while since we chatted. Give me a call soon.
    Adam Clark

    By Blogger Adam H. Clark, at 6:07 AM  

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