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Saturday, October 22, 2005

What's most important to your customers?

Here is an email that I sent to my team:

I was reading the official "Google" blog and I found some interesting comments that I believe are applicable to what we are doing:

"We had a lot of ideas, but first we spent a lot of time talking to all kinds of people about their email. They let us watch over their shoulders and helped us really understand how they use email and what they need from it. We didn't want to simply bolt new features onto old interfaces. We needed to rethink email, but at the same time we needed to respect that email already had over 30 years of history, thousands of existing programs, and nearly a billion users. So we started by learning which features were most important, and which problems were most aggravating. We also realized that solving everyone's problems was too big of a challenge for the first release. It would be better to build a product that a lot of people love, than one that everyone tolerates, and so that was our goal." http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2005/10/guess-what-just-turned-34.html

Per our discussion on Friday on how to help more entrepreneurs get funded...I think that we need to find out which features are most important and which problems are most aggravating to investors. How can we assist them in being more active? I love our ideas about training the entrepreneurs through the point system and highlighting more the entrepreneur and not the business plan (the reason that I like them so much is because they are aligned with the research in the book Angel Investing). As we help our investors get to know our entrepreneurs, I think magical things will happen.

Anyway...thanks for all you do. If we keep it up, we will be an overnight success in a few years!


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